1.  Contest dates are October, November and December of 2000.

2.  Contest open to active training members of the Bujinkan Technologies
     Group main branch in San Diego.

3.  To be eligible for prizes, participants must be fully paid, active training
     members during the months of October, November & December 2000.

4.  Black Belt members are excluded from participation.

5.  Final testing will take place on December 13, 2000.  Any participants
     not present at that time will be excluded from consideration.

6.  Participants will be submitted to a battery of physical exercises and
     given a numeric score representing their achievement.  First and Final
     scores are compared to arrive at a percentage value representing
     improvement in performance.  The sum total of all percentage values
     will then be added and divided by the number of tests given to arrive at
     a grand total.  The winner will be the participant with the greatest
     overall increase in performance.

7. The winner will be announced December 20, 2000.

8.  Chances of winning vary with the number of participants.

9.  The contest is judged by a panel of Black Belt instructors.  Their
     decision will be final.
Your Official Bujintech Fitness Challenge Contest Rules