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Congratulations to our First Fitness Champion 2000

Israel Reyes

We got together with Israel Reyes to ask him a few questions about his participation in our First Ever Annual Bujintech Fitness Challenge.  At the time he began the contest, Israel was still a 10th kyu white belt, having only signed up a few weeks before the start of the contest.

1. What did you think about the idea of a fitness contest as part of your martial arts training?  I thought it was a great idea!  Never before in my life had I been a part of such a thing.  I think this also will make me a better warrior.

2. Did the testings meet or exceed your expectations?  It wasn't easy.  It was what I was expecting because it was hard for me, but it made me happier.

3.  Did you notice any improvements in your training or in your life during the 3 months of  the contest?  I noticed I got a little bit stronger.  I became more responsible about my diet, I got more flexibility and I also got healthier.

4.  How did you feel about yourself after the last testing?  I was expecting to perform better than I did.

5.  Do you think the contest was a good idea?  Why?  Yes, because I think every martial artist should be fit, strong, flexible and in good condition.

6. What did you think about the prizes that were offered?  I think they are great.  Especially the book about the Nine Schools of the Bujinkan.

7. How has the contest helped your martial arts training?  It gave me more strength so I can practice longer without getting tired.

8. Is there anything that you feel could have been done differently or better? No.  Personally, I liked everything.

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Bujintech Fitness Challenge Champions

The Winner's Circle! 
"I thought the idea of a fitness contest sounded perfect...  the testing exceeded my expectation because I was not able to do some of the exercises.  It wasn't what I expected but it challenged me to try harder.
I did notice my arms and legs  getting stronger.  I was able to do things that I haven't before.  The prizes were great.  The contest helped my training by seeing I can do more and also focus more."

Eva Angelina Reyes
3rd Place Winner

"People continually compete against others... but few compete against themselves or push themselves to the limit for the best reward of all; healthier more vibrant lives.  Improved Endurance, better feeling all around (and) a better body leads to a stronger mind.  (The contest) opened up (opportunities for me) to do more physical and mental training.  Also improved confidence in my skill level.  (And the prizes offered were) top of the line!"

Nathan C. Hobusch
Contest Judge & Private Participant

Additional Comments from our other Contest Participants
Winner's Circle